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This Is a Foxy World Songtext

Hey boy, what you goin' to do
Now you see the world from my point of view
Hey boy, forget what you know
Get down under the far below
Do you see that you are in
Foxy Fox's foxy den
Watch out how you play with her
Mind that you don't rumple her fur

Hey boy, do you really care
Can I really trust you to be fair
Hey boy, tell me if it's real
Promise to be honest about what you feel
You have found the center of
Female devotee of love
Making love's an easy task
With respect is all that she asks

Hey boy, what's it gonna be
Freedom for the sexes full equality
Hey boy, what do you say
Equal work gets equal pay
Pride is keeping us apart
Love is all that cuts to the heart
Keep him by being a friend
Who can tell how well it will end
Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Charli XCX über ihre musikalischen Pläne

Album Close to the Bone (1983)

Tom Tom Club
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Tom Tom Club - This Is a Foxy World
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