My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove Lyrics


Tom Paxton - My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove Songtext

Some ladies are foolish
Some ladies are gay
Some ladies are comely
Some live while they may

My lady's a wild flying dove
My lady is wine
She whispers each evening
She's mine, mine, mine

She likes pretty pictures
She loves singing birds
She'll watch them for hours
But I see only her

She tells me she's learning
Just how full her cup can be
She asks me to help her
But I know, she's teaching me
Im Trend
Lena Gercke: Ihr Baby ist da!
Vor 12 Stunden
Lena Gercke: Ihr Baby ist da!
Sabia Boulahrouz ist Oma
Vor 1 Tag
Sabia Boulahrouz ist Oma

Album Ramblin' Boy (1964)

Tom Paxton
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