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The Watchmen - In My Mind Songtext

In my mind, I'm running for the door
The fields are green and through blue skies I soar
Electric blue shock, it brings me back,
Hear my mind fry and crack, and I just can't take this anymore

I can no longer see the color I pluck off of the tree
The words they dry up on my tongue, the song it says it can't be sung
Why are you doing this to me?

Why you laughing?
Why you hurting me? = chorus
Oh no, I found her there

In my mind, I'm an eagle in the air
Grandfather, he's the bear
Dance around the firelight
Pass the pipe all through the night
Grandfather, is that you there?

Take away my soaring feather
Tie me down with straps of leather
Stick my feet in the pool
Send the pain up my spine
Make me lose what's inside
Take my pride and watch me drool


This time, yeah, you've gone too far
My mind is black and it's scarred
It's in the earth, inside the bag
Bury me somewhere out in back
And write the time down on the card

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