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Night of the Seagulls Songtext

Arise from death, clutching sword in hand
From the shores of Portugal to terrorise the land
Punish the descendants of those who betrayed you
Where’s your Saviour now when our swords run you through
God and Jesus ain’t the issue anymore
Its’ for these men to even the score
No mercy shown to men, women and kids
For they were killed for things they never did

Night of the Seagulls – back from the dead to exact vengeance
Night of the Seagulls – those who betrayed them are put to the sword
Night of the Seagulls – even when blind their fury drives on
Night of the Seagulls – stand in their way and you’ll join in hell

The spirit of de Payens lives in their hearts
De Molays death gave them a start
You wanna know how many will be dead
Just look at the beach and count all the heads
Back to the sea before the crack of damn
Till the time’s right for this hell-spawn
Then it’ll be time for you to run again
Unless you think you can stop these undead


When you see the seagulls on the beach
Make sure you’re out of the Templars’s reach
They despise those who still have life
You’ll be trampled by horse or gutted by knife

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Ralf Schumacher: Er liebt einen Mann!
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Katja Burkard platzt vor Stolz: Tochter hat Uniabschluss
The Templars - Night of the Seagulls
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