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Rock' N Roll Songtext

One two three four no I want more
And five six seven it's not okay
How come you taste so good
This time I'm really hooked
It's half past ten
It's getting late
But the night is young and I can't wait
You know I like it loud
You should know me by now

Something's sweet or something strong
Seems like love no longer can turn me on
Like boy need girl and girl need boy
Got a nasty habit called Rock'n Roll

But you don't know what it's like
Yeah I've done things
You've only dreamed about
More than once or twice
It keeps me up at night
Jump up, bubble up, what's in store
Brian looked for love
But I want more
I've found another beat
There's no time for sleep

Something's sweet or something's strong
Seems like love no longer can turn me on
Like the girls in suits and those pretty boys
I gave my heart to Rock'n Roll
To Rock'n Roll
Yeah Rock'n Roll
Yeah Rock'n Roooooooll

So you can call the police
I'm sorry 'bout my manners but you see
Well I'm a bit drunk as you can see
I bet you would like to undress me

GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show
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GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show
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Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
The Sounds - Rock' N Roll
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