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Leave No Man Behind Songtext

Every once in awhile I get tangled up on my loose ends
And I strangle myself on promises made to old friends
Just once he'd like to take one step forward not two steps back
Like the drops in the bucket balanced on his back
The little things add up so fast

In every sense of the word his life has become effortless
Like pride it's easy to swallow, but difficult to digest

You don't learn a thing, you wallow and still cling
To your mistakes like they're precious memories
You never gave enough, you thought that you were tough
But you were weak, and I have no sympathies

My opinion may not necessarily represent
All the thoughts and attitudes of those i've grown to resent
But from time to time I take a step back and reflect
On the self destroying ideals I once fought to protect
Evelyn Burdecki kehrt zu ihrer Mutter zurück
Vor 2 Tagen
Evelyn Burdecki kehrt zu ihrer Mutter zurück
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"Rammstein-Tour setzt nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen fort"
The Impossibles - Leave No Man Behind
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