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Problem melden

Staff Sgt. Skreba Songtext

We know you know more than you lead to believe
Loads of misinformation jammed deep in your sleeve
You lurk in the shadows followed by a red glow
Your killing for answers you already know

Your brains been melted by a facist disease
Nuclear winter in your heart constantly
Your tongues been spewing' burnin' brimstone debris
And now you wanna sink your hooks in me

I'm looking for my man he went down in the sand
You're sifting on thru it to see that if you can
Erase all my memory turn me into history
In case I see something that I'm not supposed to see

You work you slave you die in Babylon
I'm free in Zion I'm free in Zion I'm free
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Vor 2 Tagen
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio
Vor 21 Stunden
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio

Album Sundown to Midnight (1999)

The Dingees
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The Dingees - Staff Sgt. Skreba
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