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A Letter to Myself Songtext

Write a letter, write another letter
Write a letter, write another letter
I'm sealing up this letter
I just finished signing your name
My friends would all be surprised
If they knew I was playing this game
I'll pretend it's a special delivery
And just to give me a hint
I'll use your favorite color
Smear it with your favorite scent
I know you think that i'm crazy
But I can't loose what have I left
So i've decided to write this letter
And send it to myself
So to make my story short
In the mail box I will kiss
This letter that I wrote
And it's stamped with your lovely face
When I'm alone
And I need someone to talk to
I talk to your picture
Get me a pencil and paper
And write all the things
Say all the things i've heard you say before
But with a little 'extra, extra read all about it'
Sugar and spice
I guess it makes me feel kind of nice
I write a letter to myself
Oh, write another letter to myself
I write another letter to myself
Oh, write another letter to myself
When is a home when you're all alone
It seems so full
It seems so full
And yet so empty
Oh, I get my coat
Leave you a note and go to the places
Were we used to be
I pretend you are there
Order dinner for two
Your presence is all in the air
( repeat )

I write a letter to myself, oh, write another letter to myself
GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show
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GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show
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The Chi-Lites - A Letter to Myself
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