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What It Beez Like Songtext

Everybody knows we got the buzz like beez
'N this the dopest shit you don't believe ask Jeeves
Words we be flippin' like pumpkin seeds
Yo it's real real hot 97 degrees in the shade
I got it made like a lemon tree
Give me a squeeze I got the juice for those who don't know me
Yo I'm the one that does the rockin' in the N.Y.C.
'N take the train to the plane for buds in Cali
Yo u might be doin' porno if you're in the valley
If it's all good w/ u it's copacetic w/ me
Jus' put the Dirk into the Diggler
Sex it like Caligula
Particular me cause I bless my bod-ay
Baby who ya gonna call when ghosts are lockin' ya block up
U be frontin' like ya hard cause ya watchin' the lockup
On Oz on HBO where u be Betty like Crocker
Tarsha Vega be like Run
I keeps a mic in my locker

So what it beez like? Na Na Na Na
What it beez like? Na Na Na Na Na
What it beez like? Hey Hey Hey
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Everybody know we do the show get dollars
I got bills that be collecting
Like the greens be collared
Sway ya booty side to side if u a fan and u follow
Gotsta thank u for the times when it rained u umbrellad
New York in da summer be so hot it's a sauna
If u see the T I be the one on the corner
Sittin' on a stoop jus' like I told ya before
U can bring the beef but I'm a herbavore
Rippin' rhymes like picket signs be interruptin' the labor
Pop Rox - Mr. Mushroom and the Freshmaka
Woncha sweeten up the beat cause u the radio lifesavers
U markin' up da Biz 'n people all about the vapors
Tarsha Vega rock the park when I be lacin' my ska-ates
U know me coolin' after dark or makin' moves on a da-ate
Sometimes I'm fishin' for some friction
Is ya bitin' the bait
On the 6 with Jennifer Lopez yo we gotsta get da papes

And what it beez like? Na Na Na Na
What it beez like? Na Na Na Na Na
What it beez like? Hey Hey Hey
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Now everybody know they be a lot of wack records
Ay yo how many of these joints are really clever
Yo it no matter if it's hip-hop or some bubblegum pop
When every record sound generic ay yo I think it's time to stop
That's what it beez like
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Tarsha Vega - What It Beez Like
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