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In Loving Memory Songtext

I Travel To Your Gravesite
Lay Flowers Down The Care
No One Knows My Heartache
When I Go I Leave You There

Pictures On The Wall Of The Times When We We're Small
I Think Of You Every Day
Precious Memories Left Behind Are Forever In My Mind
I Miss You More Than Words Can Say

I Miss You, I Need You
You'll Always Be On My Mind
Oceans Of Sadness That's All You're Leaving Behind

In Loving Memory You Will Always Be
A Part Of Me Inside
In Loving Memory It Just Had To Be
I Pray For You Each Night

Wish I Had One More Day, There's So Much I Wanna Say
It All Happened So Fast
On My Face A Silent Tear, How I Wish That You Were Here
But I Can't Change The Past



No More Tomorrows For Us To Share
Yesterdays Memories Will Always Be There
You Gave Me All You Had To Give, Gifts Both Great And Small
But Most Of All You Gave Me Love, The Greatest Gift Of All



I Speak Your Name With Love And Pride
My Tears Of Sadness I Can Not Hide
If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Never Ever Died...
Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
Vor 2 Tagen
Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
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Sara Kulka würde gerne zu ‚Let’s Dance‘

Album T-Spoon (1999)

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T-Spoon - In Loving Memory
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