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Kiss and Say Goodbye Songtext

This has got to be the saddest day of my life
I called you here today for a bit of bad news
I won't be able to see you any more
Because of my obligations
And the ties that you have
We've been meeting here every day
And since this is our last date together
I want to hold you just one more time
When you turn and walk away
Don't look back I want to remember you just like this
Let's just kiss
And say goodbye

I had to meet you here today
There's just so many things to say
Please don't stop me till I'm through
This is something I hate to do
We've been meeting here so long
I guess what we done was wrong
Please, darling, don't you cry
Let's just kiss and say goodbye
Many months have passed us by
I'm gonna miss you I can't lie
I've got ties and so do you
I just think this is the thing to do
It's gonna hurt me I can't lie
Maybe you'll meet another guy
Understand me won't you try, try, try
Let's just kiss and say goodbye
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Sydney Youngblood - Kiss and Say Goodbye
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