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Love Myself Songtext
von SWV

I can lose myself and all the freak in me can do
I don't want nobody else because my body's wanting you
Gotta have you
Gotta touch you
I just lose my self-control and all the freak and me can do

Something, bout you
Got me feelin' like you know I'm willing to do
Anything to please you
Got me, open
Rivers flowin slowly, you go deep inside my
Body hold me tight, cause I can lose


Chocolate, kisses
Melting in your mouth and on your fingers
Licking, good and plenty of it
(I love it when you give it all night)
All night, (just right)
I can't go one day, (without knowing)
You're here, to hold my body tight, cause I lose

[Chorus: 2x]

(No matter what you're doing you turn me on)
Turn me on
(I lose my self-control and my mind is gone)
Mind is gone-- oh -- yeah (Can't nobody come and hold me)
(I belong to you and you own me) Me
(And everytime I see you, you make me sweat)
(Thinkin' bout the love I'm gonna get)
(I give myself to you - and no one else) oooh, OOooh

Repeat Chorus Until Fade...
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Album Release Some Tension (1997)

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SWV - Love Myself
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