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Sometimes I Make You Sad Lyrics


Supergrass - Sometimes I Make You Sad Songtext

Shut up,
the world is getting dizzy,
some let me climb inside.

There's only one way you can do it,
Just let your mind unwind,

That turns the world as sane, hello,
But the people complain,
There's nothing out there,

Wish I was a boy,
Spend days all alone,
As you hide them,

I really didn't know,
The sound of the sane,
Coming back from the sun,
In order,

You're muv will have to get pretty,
Sometimes it makes you sigh,

How about the ??(pigs)??? you've ??????,
It's like the world is sane,
And then the curtain falls on you,
To pick up your girl,
There's nothing out there.

And all the world has said it's true,
People called girls are stepping out there.
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