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My Sister Sam Songtext

I need a message! I need a clue!
I want to know the things you say and things you do!
I need attention, for my own good!
They say I'm crazy, and should be locked up for good.
My doctor told me, the psychosis is in check,
But I am so obsessed with you, that I'm now a nervous wreck!
I need attention girl! Give me a sign!
Why don't ya marry me? Then you'll be mine!
I need to know you, what can I do?!
I would kill to have a chance of meeting you!
You do not know me! You do not care!
Where ever you are, I will sure as hell be there!
You're all I think about, you're all that's in my head!
But if you and I won, then we'd both be better dead!
I need a message girl! Give me a time!
One day you'll notice me, then you'll be mine!
Let's, go.
I'll hunt you down, I'll seek you out,
For reason that not even I'M not even sure about!
My life is yours, it's you I need.
You didn't want me, so now you're gonna bleed girl!
What's wrong with what I am? What's in my head?
You didn't want me girl, and now your dead.
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Vor 2 Tagen
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor
Vor 2 Tagen
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor
Suburban Rhythm - My Sister Sam
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