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Hunger - inside me for tasting my pain
Blood - than it bites me, it tastes the same
Flesh - all around me, so soft and so warm
So forlorn

Never - to leave me, it stays inside
Ever - to please me, feed 'till you've died
Forever - to haunt me, living my dreams
Hear you scream

Open - my eyes, when the darkness comes in
Taste - that you drink from the poison within
Pain - I decide to stop your screaming
Hear my sins

Dark, inside, deep within
No hope, no fear, just feelin'
Something that eats the tissue away
Filled with flesh, rot and decay

Come into me, please be still
Forever, never keep me filled
Anger, fear, hatred inside
Be my hunger that keeps me alive

When will you leave, cut flesh and bone
I wish you'd stay, never alone
Am I the prey, dripped with red wine
Let me become you and you will be mine
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Lena Gercke: Das ist Frauenpower
Stronghold - Inside
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