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Temple of the sun Songtext

Day is breaking
A plain is empty
Only stones
Silently stand
They remember blood and glory
They remember a victory
They remember tears and moans
They remember pain, pain
Stonehenge, Stonehenge
A mysterious temple under the heaven
Is an old resident of Earth
This stones worn-out by time still alive
You're a crowning point
Of human wisdom
A frightful symbol
Of prehistory priestes
I touch your stones
And feel your strength
Gods protect you
And give you an eternal life
The temple of the sun
Winds blow on you
Rains wash you
The sun worms you
The fate keeps you
A darkness of ages
Cannot close your beauty
What is your secret
Tell me, Tell me
Who are you ?
Shadows of the remote past
Revive on great ancient stones.
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Stonehenge - Temple of the sun
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