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Mr. Feelgood Songtext
von Still

(spoken:Been down in the road for so long
Always finding Mr.Wrong
Used to be so strong waiting to
Be weak for someone
But weeks 'n weeks 'n weeks have passed
And I asked myself "How long is this gonna last?"
Mr.Right is still outa sight
Now watch out for Mr.Feelgood tonight)

Sitting in the dark
In my favorite club
Life goes on without me

Came to have some fun
See the boys,feel the drum
But all I can do lately

Is dream and dream away
Night and night and night and day

Refrain: Come on,Mr.Feelgood
Try to make it real good
Put you to the test
Do your very very best

Come on now,Mr.Feelgood
Make me feel like I should
Mr.Right - is outa a sight
So come on Mr.Feelgood stay the night
Spent the night,Baby

DJ play my song
I get up now get it on
Ready for invasion

Who's that on the floor
I could think of some more
Might need some persuasion

Dreamin',dreamin',dreamin' away
Night and day

Some people
Say I'm free,I should be lucky lucky
Some people say my kinda game is just not healthy
People say I should be ashamed
But what I really am they never understand

I ain't no bitch but ain't no angel
I make perfect love to perfect strangers
Yiiieeeee-ha, got me right
I don't need a man for the rest in my life!
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Vor 1 Tag
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt
Vor 1 Tag
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt
Still - Mr. Feelgood
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