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I've been asking in every bar
Nobody knew your name
Or could give me anything I was looking for
So I'll wait for the morning light
Maybe it'll show me all I need to see
To know I'm alright

If I wanna hold you
Then why am I running from you
And chasing the blues is all I ever do

Now every highway
Is calling, I'm coming
I'm coming back to you

We've been here all along I guess
Waiting for a new address to call home
While I was all fired up inside
I couldn't really tell what was wrong and was right
But now I feel it in my bones

Now every highway
Is calling, I'm coming
I'm coming back to you

I'm tired of just moving around
Hope you know
I don't feel at home on this desolate road
Been driving way too fast
Just to feel alive
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Album California Sounds (2013)

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