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The Best Is Yet To Come Lyrics


SR-71 - The Best Is Yet To Come Songtext

You see yourself being so small
Running into every brick wall
It's not as far as you can go
The road is twisting turning
A life is living learning
There's so much more for you to know

If you could lock the past away
Step back through the doorway
This ride has just begun
If I could change your point of view
Is there someway I can show you
The best is yet to come (2x)

Not every problem can be
Solved so easily
Not every answer is the one
Above the flood of emotion
It's all about forward motion
Define your place in the sun [Refrain]

Try to hide
It's all inside
You can find a place
Where the pain and guilt
Can fall away
If you're spitting truth
Crashing through the walls
That separate me and you
Now you'll find with everything you lose
Your path clears with everything you choose [Refrain]

The ride is just begun
Is there someway I can show you
The best is yet to come
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