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Holdin' On Songtext

Holdin' on
I've got to keep on
Holdin' on

Listen babe
Made promise of a happy home
Then you packed your bags
Left me all alone
I know I was in love
I thought you were too
Then you call me up
Tell me that we're thru
No matter how I try
Can't hide this pain that's inside
I just can't take it no more

1 - I keep holdin' on
Cause I love you so
I keep holdin' on
Cause I can't let go
I keep holdin' on
To the love we had
I keep holdin' on
Girl I want you back

Got to start the day
Had another sleepless night
Tossed and turned without you baby
Just wanna hold you tight
Where were you
Out with somebody else
That don't really matter baby
Cause I want you for myself
I'm really hurting baby
Can I get a little sympathy
Come on help me out girl
This memory's getting me

Repeat 1

Tried without your loving baby
Release me baby you hold the key
If you wanna change me now
I'll be what you want me to be

Everybody is a fool, girl
And this fool's in love with you
And I'll tell you what i'm gonna do about it

Repeat 1 with variation

I'm gonna keep on holding on and on and on
Until you come back to me
I got to hold on
I keep holdin' on
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Solo - Holdin' On
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