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You've Got the Flava Songtext

You've got the
Flava (4x)
Here we go

Maybe the room was right
Maybe you're just the type
To break my heart and throw all
The pieces away
Maybe I'll never learn
Maybe I'll just get burned
I've got to find out anyway

So, let's get it on
Oh, you know just what I want
I can't wait a single moment longer
We can take our time
'Cause I feel the time is right
For me to get freaky with you

Boy, you got that flava
I can almost taste ya
I know it's crazy but there's
Nothing I can do
Boy, you're blowin' my mind
You got that swing
You're so fine
I know it's crazy but I'm crazy for you

You got the flava (3x)
I just wanna taste ya

Now I like the way you move
And I like your attitude
It's plain to see all the
Freakiness about you
You put me in a trance just by
The way you dance
I can't help it all I want is you



Boy I gotta get you out of my mind
I can't hide how I feel inside
Yeah you got it goin' on
And the flava is strong

You got the flava


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Solid Harmony - You've Got the Flava
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