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At the time you can want it in yourself
Born into this heaven
Never ler this die
One time I standed in her way
Got down on my knees
Thought my heart I'd loose
After time I felt that breeze
Stood into the wind so I can breath
Now you're gone, I swa it in my sights
And I'm shooting after you
But you can't changed that day
And I say
Hey, yeah
Going to America
Hey ,yeah
The promised land is always there
Hey, I am so alive this day
Hey, and I never thought I feel this way

I'm on my way, flew down to L.A.
Rent me a brandnew cadillac
Looks like I'm here to stay
We hit the town, you gotta want it in yourself
The cops are screaming down
I guess it's another day

So come on hide, well you can really hide
If you really really want to, but can you face that day
Come on hide and Michy turns to me
Says I guess I never told you
I guess we're really here
And I say

So much time, was there really enough time
Did you really really want me, or was it just a game
Now there's time, we can look back and say
That I really really loved you, but now I go my way
And I say
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Smitt - America
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