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I Am the Cancer Songtext
von Sloan

So long Matthew
I will miss you
There is too much to do
Or I'd go with you
It's a bad time
I haven't got a dime

So long Allison
I now know where you've been
But I don't know where you're going
There's security in knowing
But I know some morning
Without any warning
You'll be gone

Oh you've kissed me, kissed me
Now you're supposed to miss me

So long Andrew
I will miss you
I just wrote you
A long note
You had better answer
I am the cancer
Removed from you

Oh you missed me, missed me
Now you're supposed to kiss me
Kiss me goodbye

So long scarecrow
At least with you I know
You're going nowhere
What would you care
There's nothing up your sleeve
You can never leave
Why would you?

Say there scarecrow
Sorry I had to go
But I shall return
It was my turn to get away
Someone had to stay
So I can go

Oh you kissed me, kissed me
I can't wait until you kiss me
Until you kiss me
I can't wait till you kiss me
Kiss me again
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Sloan - I Am the Cancer
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