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I fucking give-up
You're, in, so late and I'm so happy
Just looking, so sorry
For being so sad
That worm pie you made me
You made me
Eat for the butcher
To paint a little, a little, a little pig
And tricks I could not learn
In lava so hard to pull out
Bulls blood for baby Jesus
I don't think it's what I meant
A friendly face, and I am upset yeah
What the, hell's your, name and it doesn't matter
You're still sitting, yeah!
Still bleeding,
For, ever, forever, everyone has gone
Everyone has gone
And I open you like a book
Pages are all wet
Little girls so sweet
They smell of their bedrooms
And stick her head
Through the window look
To the half moon
Barbara Schöneberger: Angst vor der Zukunft
Vor 22 Stunden
Barbara Schöneberger: Angst vor der Zukunft
Fiona Erdmann: Von Betrügern abgezockt!
Vor 22 Stunden
Fiona Erdmann: Von Betrügern abgezockt!

Album You Are Here (1997)

Silver Sun
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Silver Sun - Lava
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