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Hooked on You (Trackmaster Remix) Songtext
von Silk

Intro: Trackmasters (Foxy Brown)
(What the deal?)
Everything is lovely
(Fox Brown baby)
Trackmasters remix
(Uh what)
To the, to the, to the
To the, to the, to the beat ya'll

Verse 1: Foxy Brown (Silk) *Trackmasters*
Ooh poppa let me sex you
Fox Brown, uh, romance ya
Quick to trance ya *To the beat ya'll*
Gucci down wit the cheddah
Slanted eyes, chinked
Three quarter mink
Sippin' wine while the diamonds... (Mmmmm)
On my Cubans shine
I stay jiggy to the Gators
I'm Foxy (Uh-huh)
Slick like Starsky (Yea)
Feel so sweet like heart beats (I got hooked on you)
And drinks and crystal sippin'
Get to trickin' on my recliner (Oh oh)
Get behind a...
300 Benz or the Coupe
What the deal?
Kill me
Nigga steady tryna feel me (I love...)
I'm hooked on sexin' in the Lexus
Lord have mercy (... everything 'bout you)
Musta cursed me *To the beat ya'll*
Uh *Ya don't stop*

Chorus: Silk (Trackmasters)
There's... no.... (To the beat ya'll)
Living without you (Ya don't stop)
Got me hooked... on... (To the beat ya'll)
Everything you do (Ya don't stop)

Verse 2: Silk
It means the world to me
If you stay with me
But I know what goes around comes around
Even though I want this to be
You have changed lately
Oh yea

Bridge: Silk
There goes your pager
Then an hour later
It's time to go
But you don't tell me so
No no no
You say you're comin' back
And I believe you're comin' back
I want you for me

Chorus 2x

Verse 3: Silk
Oh I told myself
You were mine and no one else yea
And I have you oh yea
Even though in jealousy
I'd run and end the lead
But you don't know how much you mean to me


It's just not the same without you

Chorus 2x

Verse 4: Time (Silk) *Trackmasters*
Time be the playa rockin' dark shades
Curly hair, fade laced (Ha)
Sippin' Alize in the club on the driveway
(Chillin') Relaxin', the full Fox on my back *Ya don't stop*
Wit a stack of doe
From mackin', but honey got me actin'
Like a fool
Rock my jewels *Ya don't stop*
I see diamonds in her eyes
Plus a set of thick thighs
And that thin waist line
Ooh *Ya don't stop* I know it tastes fine
See Time got lines
To turn a dollar into ten dimes
Caribbian suites, *Ya don't stop*
Sweatin' on Silk sheets
Spendin' nights, breakin' days
Sexin' on the beach
The mack-a-million man *Ya don't stop*
Still chillin' by the waterfront
Thinkin' how sporty
Got hooked by this shorty

Chorus to fade
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Silk - Hooked on You (Trackmaster Remix)
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