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I'll Be Waitin' ( Dudubdudu ) Lyrics


Silbermond - I'll Be Waitin' ( Dudubdudu ) Songtext

I'm sitting here just feeling sad
Then you come around and I feel glad
Everytime that you're not here
Feels like losing my head

But when I see your smiling face
Seem to forget my lonely days
Everyday youÂ're far away
I long for your embrace

Wherever you go and whatever you do
I'll be waitin cos I'm craving for you

Dudubdudu dudubdudu I'll be waiting
Dudubdudu dudubdudu I'll be waiting

No matter what I do
I'm all wrapped up in you
Everytime I see you
I hope you love me, too

Every night and every day
I dream of you but your so far away
Now listen to what I've gotta say
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