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Durch die Nacht Übersetzung


Silbermond - Durch die Nacht deutsche Übersetzung

Can't get my mind off of it again
Everything is all about you
I'm lying here, counting the days
Don't know how many are still about to come

What did you do with me
Why are you doing this to me
What could I possibly change
I always come right back to you


I want to escape from here
But it seems no matter where I'm going
The thing with you never ends
Tell me, when will it end


And I'm struggling through the night
Don't know what you're doing to me
And I can't get my head around you
Though I want to
And I'm struggling through the night
Woke up with tears in my eyes
I can't get my head around you
Though I have to

All my wishes
I have wasted them on you
Can't believe it myself
And only I can pick myself up

It's hard to realize
But somehow it will work
Everything would change
If I didn't see you again


I, I, I
And I can't go on, I can't go on

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