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Clap/Shout (Psalms 47) Songtext

The Lord Most High is mighty
Great and Powerful is He
He shall subdue the heathen and place
Nations under our feet
He shall subdue them with the sound of the trumpet
And the shout of victory
Come on people, put your hands together,
Praise our God and King

Our praise destroys the enemy
With continual praise, demons have to flee, Ohh

Clap your hands all ye people
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph

Clap your hands, Shout unto God
Clap, Shout
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
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Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
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Album Live (2004)

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Shekinah Glory Ministry - Clap/Shout (Psalms 47)
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