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Dear Michelangelo Songtext

Every summer in the gardens of Florence
A peasent of female persuasion
Used to cry for Michelangelo
To save her from death's invitation

Some say this woman was crazy
Others say this woman was possessed
Just one look at her face and
It's evident to her he was the best

Dear Michelangelo
Color the dreams in my head
I ? look at your paintings
And I'm with you in my bed
Dear Michelangelo
Save me from death's invitation
I'll make love to no one
Unless he's of your persuasion

By summer's end came many offers
All of which the peasent refused
She wanted Michelangelo
And no other man would do
And touch her the way he does
No one except Michelangelo
It was him or life without love


A life without love, A life without love
Don't die without love
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Album Romance 1600 (1985)

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Sheila E. - Dear Michelangelo
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