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You Can Do Better Songtext

I am tired of all the lies
I am tired of all these tears I cried
I'm tired of all the games
Why can't things just be the same way?
When love was brand new
There wasn't a thing he wouldn't do
Now everything has changed
And I am trying so hard to walk away

Deep down I know
I can do better than that
(Girl I know) I don't know why that I try
When I can do better

So what's up with you?
(What do you mean?)
Is everything with you and your girl cool?
(It's all right but I'm starting to realize she's not my type)
Why are you wasting your time?
(I don't know)
I'ma keep it real and tell you the truth
These conversations are drawing me closer to you
(I feel the same way so what are we gonna do?)
I don't know cause we both have issues

Sometimes late at night
I can't get you off of my mind
I know we're supposed to be friends
But my feelings are changing
I can't take it
My heart keeps aching
I just can't keep going through
I'm with him, but I won't miss him
If I replace him with you
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Sharissa - You Can Do Better
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