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Menace Songtext
von Sev

Every single day a smile on my face
Consistently around, I can not relate
I distance me persistently
Am I the one that's in the wrong
25 years, I'm already gone
But it's too late now to go back how I'm off on my own
2 backpacks & a knapsack & a bag to get me what
That's all I've ever needed it's always been repeated
I've never been defeated
Cuz I land back on my feet again

Cuz I'm a menace too society
And I don't wanna become what's in me

Grow up it's time for you to move on
They say doing what you want to do
Can only get you so long
But don't try to blame me for shit I didn't do
Cuz that will only get you places
You don't want to go too
But I can understand in the end
Deceptions got you all fucked up my friend
But that's ok I just blaze the path
And through the hour glass
My time will pass like everyone else has

All I need is the sun today
But the sun won't come out today
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Sev - Menace
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