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Problem melden

Confused Songtext

Back track, everybody knows jut that
You're paranoid about the things that just don't cut it flat
You're pullin' all the tricks from you sleeve
But only God knows what the hell you mean
Stare out my window at the brocken streets below
Feel the angst within me- soon I'm gonna blow
Got a rage built up inside of me I'll never show
Love to stay and chat but I gotta go

You second guess your life
Tryin' to make it all fit
Gotta stop your cryin'
And be more sure of it
Inquisitive minds wanna interfere
Try n' figure out what the hell I'm doin' here
Turn around the corner it's a brand new day
Strange the way today seems just like yesterday
Try your best to free yourself from anxiety
Livin' for today, you gotta make it your priority
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Serial Joe - Confused
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