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Seeed - Walk Upright Songtext

My love let we be together
And make a change for the better
Outside is an easy weather
But inside I feel so cold.

Woh yoh, how sweet tastes your lover
Something new you must discover
Shades of brutality
But still I walk upright

1. Verse (Demba):

I surf the world with "Dia" through the red sea
In double sense bubble plans someone calls me from far away
Let me stay to iron my back for the day after.
Where camels walk the sunspeed I ride the desert's heat
Bringing ancient water overdubbed impressions lost in the way back in time.

Laughter filled the air before you decided
Dust is on you chair since we've been divided
Cold is my face in the morning when I get up late
After a dreamless night.


2 Verse (Frank):
You the only girl that make my blood boil up hot.
My heart skip a beat, no wanna stay inna spot.
A girl like you me get once in a life
You're leaving down here, on a dusty chair.

Everything is oh so grey the night don't wanna become a day
Where are you? OH
I always think of times we had before.
Come let us stay together



Walk upright!
Walk upright x 2

Walk upright!
(with your head up right and you walk upright!)

Walk upright!
Walk upright x 2

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