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I big up the same place
Since back in stoneage
This is my mainstage
I owe the whole space
Take it for free babes
Don't wait in vain chase
The slow center of the storm
Where everything lasts on
I ride on my wave
No matter where I got it's there
I fly my flight safe
I am declared I am aware
That I am fool and brave
I build my thrones
I break my bones
I am my kingdoms rave
I never rest
Things move on fast

Going for a slowlife
Almost understand
Time has got no end
Let the soul drive

Slowly freakin' out, hear me now speakin' out
Won't be speakiin' loud,
How do you feel about listening to
Crazy men, whose minds
Sneakin' out - a hazy sense of evidence for what life is all about
It's real love and everything
A family no scattering, daddy swing the children
Like hollywood happy end...
Just like so many men, I look for almost everything
Meanwhile whisteling, here we go sing again

No matter how close to perfect it is
It's taken me too far, I'm afraid
I'm obsessed with it
Vex with it
Good's not enough, be the best in it!
In order to the best, I can never stop flexin' it
You flex it to the max and it feels like sex with it
It's made you to the boss and you feel you're blessed with it
Now everybody want's it, you startprotectingit
This is when you wish you had no more stress with it - so:

Going for a slowlife
Almost understand
Time has got no end
Let the soul drive
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