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Seeed - Feel for You Songtext

Breathing in the vapors
Of the rolling papers
Soldier boys
Come making noise

If they only knew
The angel that is you
They'd leave me alone
Find peace at home

Easy and relax now
Throw your head back now
Don't be scared
Be prepared

As long as you remember
Love is your defender
This will heal
Your every tear

I feel for you
I feel for you
I'm here for you
But I fear it too

Raining from the rooftop
But we'll never loose love
Breathing out
Breathing in

Clouds of disapproval
Renegade's manouver
Leave the doubt
Believe within

Easy and relax now
Lean your body back now
Our souls confide
As we collide

Whatever seperates us
Will be what elevates us
Side by side
We walk upright

I feel for you
I feel for you
I'm here for you
But I fear it too

There's no left behind
When each path I find
Still leads me back to you

(Dank an nico für den Text)
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