Top Secret Service Lyrics

Problem melden

If I Try Songtext

Questions - never described
I'm on my feet and flying high
That is a lie
If you know what I mean
Just stand up and tap the tambourine
Sign on to the team

Time is right
And no-one's ever wrong
At least not all the time
Late at night
I wish I knew today
What else I left behind

It's just that
If I try
Never give it up
If I try
Holding on to you
Won't you tell me
Not to worry
If I try
I'd never give it up
If I try
Would I lie to you?

Answers - running around
I'll pay the cost and turn them down
If they are found
Outside mapping the stars
Diamond girls are playing cheap guitars
Showing off their scars

And I'll be seeing you
If you don't stop and stare
After you
I think I'd rather stick around
And play in here

It's just that
If I try...
Fragen über Secret Service
Was ist der Secret Service?
Wie kommt man ins Secret Service?
Wer kontrolliert den Präsidenten USA?
Secret Service - If I Try
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