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Problem melden

Filling Space Songtext

Whats up
Welcome to the new
Come check out what i've got in store for you
But you know what
I'm kind of hungry come come walk with me
And I and I tell you what I been up to

(Chorus 2X: Scarub)
I'm filling space
Reflecting on whats new and how it use to be
Some say around my way that i've been gone to long
But I rather have you feneing then be use to me
I see ya when I see ya
But until

It's like we be living the modern daily life melo dramatic episode entitled
Lively hood
Where were all characters intertwined protagomist and politicians
All thrown into the same pot
Overcrowded and when shit gets hot
Whose ever richer got the law on their side
And police in their pockets
Busting out with billy clubs
Trigger happy militants jsut love to push and shove
With their badges at the club
It's too packed
If the crowd is too black
If they pull you to the side and ideas is what you lack
They patrol for them back
Forcing you how to act
Telling us to simmer down
Say they got places for clowns
And if your skin is brown
Then we'll return you to the ground
But me I'm heavenbound
Mister incarheto went through your town
I stay astray probably found
Come take a walk
With me down these inter city blocks
I got a slow stroll but my mind is quick
Predicting actions before they happen
Attacking life like rapping
But when babloyn also happend
I don't know shit
I've been reasoning with people
On this planet acting evil
When I see them it's a sequal
Or the same Seleloke
Some say they got a plan
But leave the money from my pockets
My stomach is grumbling
And I wish they would stop it
Can't focus when I'm hungry and my ears are hurting
So I keep dispersing
Under their breath I hear them cursing
Probably should have checked them on it
But I'm a just keep walking
I need this sandwich I haven't eaten all day it's already 5 Oclock man but
Yeah dont worry
It's a cool place a cool service they don't speak english but just tell them
What you want

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
Yeah I usually order you know but the delivery dude he got kind of like, he
Got mugged like yesturday somewhere over here so we gotta walk but we almost

What happens when you find yourself in a terrible predictament
When major decisions need to be made
That'll affect the whole world around you
And finding help is like trying to find a reliable source
There's a chance o whats the size
And does it work in your favor
And on whos scale
Just finding someone to confide in becomes fustrating as hell
Like trying to find a cop when you need one
Or better yet trying to shake the cops when you need to run
Nothing works in your favor
No matter your behavor
Social status or financial platters your able to afford
Even if I'm platium
Even if your fattening them pockets
Fresh skyrockets explode in the brain
The aftermath is hell
The cost to rebuild seems imposible to acquire
Your life is on the line of fire
Sucess is what you desire
Circumstances cause you to retire
Either can see no buyer
Tired someting
But we hold on to our feet right now I'm hungry it's it's too much for
Stomach right now look were almost there it's about three more blocks after
We make this left and cross the street over here on what is it...


The mind mud wrestles
A combination of dirty spots and what instinct
I tried to talk to the girl who said if dirt were dollars
Then I would be a rich man
I had to stop and think and said if dirt were dollars
Then the men on top would be even richer from the dirt
That they drew in the land that they own
Filthy rich while we still inched in some kind of financial calomine lotion
A potion while they pan around like they going through the same amount of
As we do you see that
Let me help you sandwiches
As you ain't can see we be devouring the wheat bread
While all they eat is the flour
You try to catch up to the lettuce
Thinking they inbelished you
But they still deny you relish
That shit is still pickles
They just gone like grey poupon
Acting all stingey with the mayo
When the salt and vinegar you added the cold cuts then cheese
No matter if you are american Pramasan or comoloan
They only stick to they own
But front like it's olive
The mess make me as hot as a jalopina
Making me wanna get all up in ya face
Acting like they taste better
But I don't get bitter I barbaque my own method
For filling my platter on any ocassion
Stimulating my sensation to eat while thinkin my options
Is anoyative improvis Coming fresher with the side order of fries
And maybe some brown rice sounds kind of good right now you know Yeah maybe
Some kind of new naw soplantos or I dont know something we bout to find
Something I'm hungry as hell it's right here right here right here

Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Vor 2 Tagen
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Hape Kerkeling: Das sagt er zu seiner Karriere-Pause
Vor 16 Stunden
Hape Kerkeling: Das sagt er zu seiner Karriere-Pause

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