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I'm not aware that I'm not there but over here
I've lived my life now I'm dead,I've got nothing to fear
I'm living large,yes I am,but we're all the same
I don't know you yet I know you 'cause I know your name
In this world everybody's equal
Live this life,the next is the sequal
It's as good as I always thought and wished it would be
Millionaires and princesses in my neighbourhood
I'm as wealthy as the next man,yes,you and me
It's all good - no jealousy or envy
People sharing all the things they wouldn't share before
N' fighting for your rights a right you'd never fight no more
One religion
One god for every race and creed
No more wars
No more hurting there's no need to bleed
Strangers walking hand in hand,we're not afraid to care
'N' children playing in the streets without a single fear
Lovin' one another's something we only seem to know
Life in the fast lane but only nice and slow
Only the good are here,the young,the old,the rich,the poor
And we're all family now,rejoicing as we meet once more
VEerybody looks young and at their prime again
No stress - no suffering - no ension - no pain
Hell ain't no nice place to be,Amen
'Cause if you really ain't bad,ha-hah!,you'll know it then
There is no need for ten commandments now
Because no-one believes they're holer-than-thou
Thou shalt not kill doesn't come into play
And every single day's the Sabbath so we keep it holy
Better to reign in Heaven than to serve in Hell
Drinking wine with the Lord from the Holy Grail
The good has been seperated from the evil
No temptation now 'cause the Devel cannot cast his spell
I'm flying high in the sky like a 747
The best place to be in definitely Heaven
There's no crime
There's no sin
There's no death
So there's definitely no next of kin
I don't know what it's like the jealous of a next man's things
It's all good in the 'hood and everybody knows this
We're not afraid to greet cash other with a kiss
Life goes on after you've passed away
There's no reason for no treason only time to play
Live the life you love 'n love the life 'n live it well
Damnation to all those who die under the spell
One thing I promise you do not be afraid
If you've loved your life according to how you'll make the grade
I can fly like an angel 'cause I've got my wings
I can join the damn chorus 'cause every angel sings
So I guess I am an angel 'cause I'm not in Hell
I didn't visit limbo long,no,I didn't dwell
And I sometimes wonder why I was afraid to die
It's a breath of fresh air to live without a lie
If you've got nothing to fear then it's time to go
On a wing and a prayer go with the flow
Hell ain't no nice place to be,Amen
'Cause if you really ain't bad,Ha-hah!you'll know it then.
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Sagisu Shiro - Utopia
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