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Problem melden

31 Flavors Songtext

Vanilla is smooth
Chocolate is kickin'
Strawberry is sweet
All deserve a hearty lickin'
Have em all
Three scoops piled high
Variety is the spice of life
Well you can have soft serve
And hard sugar cones
Root beer floats
Or my banana split
Do you like nuts
Or some sticky whip creme
Come lick it off
And be my dairy queen
I love the Chilis
Freaky, uplift, mother's milk
Faith No More
Mike Patton's voice is smooth as silk
Music makes me want to rage
Sting's lyrics
Have something to say
Jimi Hendrix
Plays guitar like a no one else
Black Sabbath
Ozzy's voice is sick as hell
Prince, Fishbone, NWA
These are the things that I like to play
Mr. Bungle
Is so very cool
So dno't be
An ignorant fool
There's so much music
For you to choose
So don't just be
A metal dude
It's cool fool
Sophia Thomalla: Sie ist wieder single
Vor 4 Stunden
Sophia Thomalla: Sie ist wieder single
Wer ist die neue Supertalent-Jury?
Vor 2 Stunden
Wer ist die neue Supertalent-Jury?
Sacred Reich - 31 Flavors
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