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Season for Change Songtext

Rotten scum has found its way to power
Time to protect projects, check the hour
I'm fed worse than just angry
Ready for action, baby
Not gettin' lazy, not goin' crazy
Cause I'mma make something happen
Not when just a member when I'm rappin'
For real, and it's amazing to me
How suckas be hopelessly fakin' to be
Somebody on-point and influential
Yet they got no talent and never had no potential
Cause they lack the bear essential
Strength of the mental, the soulful vocals
Crushing all you ugly oculs
People try to rate me like I'm the pulse
But then they find that I'm the most
Too complex when I'm vexed
And right about now I'mma wreck your game
Yeah, this is the season for a change
This is the season, this is the season
This is the season, for a change
And if this is offensive than take it personal
You start to squint from my lines and so I'm hurtin' you
But I ain't on no mission to be wishin' you no bad luck
I put you down, so you know what's up
You need to change your perspective
Peep the rhyme, that's corrective, selective
To speak facts that's my objective
I mess with a little bit of this flow and that if
And then the little bit start to sound fat, and
Believe me, the feeling yo it's worth to wait
But I still can't stand those, who try to front
Because they soft as butter rolls
A kid gets a gun, he feels he needs one
Either he shoots one or else he gets done
And what's the purpose of this tragic outcome
It's always easier to shift the blame
But ehm this is the season for a change
You cosmetic freak your style is weak and cornballed
And even worse when you speak
I put a lid on it and sit on it a bit
Don't even do it to yourself
Just be glad you got your health
Cut the bull, stop the nonsense
You're tryin' to get props under false pretense
But I came just to wreck ya game
This is the season for a change
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz

Album The Quiet Revolution (1993)

Ronny Jordan
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Ronny Jordan - Season for Change
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