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Eros Songtext

I have to walk at night...
And be with many... and
Give myself to many strangers.
I don't know why... I only know
That people smile sometimes
And I must smile back
A certain eye... a smile,
The way somebody walks

I need mostly love
Everything else must find it's place
I need the warm touch,
The unfamiliar smile,
The umbrella when it rains,
The head against the shoulder when the thunder comes.
The unfamiliar touch
The knowing that somebody loves me...
Even for a little while.

You'll like my house,
The music's okay, the lights are nice and I am warm, you'll see.
Can you still go home with me
The way I am in morning,
Might make you sorry that you did?
I mean, it's different for me in mornings.
I'm not afraid of yellow sunlight or suspicious of rooms without music and atmosphere, but
Things work best for me
After Five O'clock.
It's been like this always
And you must believe that
I'll be good to you,
For me to work the best.
I will, you know...
I will try so hard.
For it has been so long
Since I have had a woman
Or a special friend.

So, turn the corner with me...
Stay close...
Don't be afraid...
For there is no one else but me...

And I am warm...
You'll see.
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