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Golf Songtext

If you want a linguistic adventure.
Go drinking with a Scotsman.
Cuz you can't fucking understand them before.
You land in Scotland and their going dillkelifa lie...
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah right figuri ya ...
Oh fuck sure a ...
Oh sure you dumb fucking basted. ...
Then you realize how drunk they can get they can wear skirt and not care.
And how they can invent a sport like golf.
Here is my idea for a fucking sport I knock a ball in a gopher hole oh you mean like pool fuck off pool not with the straight stick with a little fucked up stick I whack the ball it goes in the gopher hole oh you mean like croquet fuck croquet I put the whole hundred yards away oh you mean like a bowling thing fuck no not straight I push in your way.
Like trees, bushes and high grass so you can lose your fucking ball and go walking away with a fucking tire iron whacking away and each time you miss you feel like you're going to have a stroke.
Fuck! that's what we'll call it.
A stroke!
Cause everytime you miss you feel like you're goina fucking die.
Oh great here's the better part oh this is fucking brilliant,
Near the end I'll put a flat piece with a little flag to give you fucking hope .
But then I'll put a pool and sandbag to fuck with your ball again. you'll be there trashing your ass Jack away in the sand oh you do this one time
Fuck no! 18 fucking time.
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Robin Williams - Golf
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