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Robin Gibb - Anniversary Songtext

Your faith was always in me
And through the years we've grown
The many times you rescued me
God alone has known

And from the ties that bind us
And all the vows we make
The bond we got between us
No force on Earth can break

This is our anniversary
I coudn't make it without you
This is our anniversary
I couldn't take it without you
I'm with my back against the wall
You used your love to catch me
Falling on our anniversary

The one thing time has told me
That life goes by so fast
And babe, how quick the present
Would soon become the past

And you are my religion
And I could not repay
The power of the universe
Not you will I betray

You have shown me the meaning of life
And I know that total devotion
Is only a dream

Let me keep on dreaming tonight
We're rising to the occasion
By stand together forever
We see soul to soul

This is our anniversary
I couldn't fake it without you
When I was left out in the cold
You used your love to catch me
Falling on our anniversary

Album 50 St. Catherine's Drive (2014)

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