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Run Away Songtext

Seem like far too long
Since we spoke just one and one
Maybe now's the time
For you to tell me what's on your mind
I know sometimes you feel
That I might go and leave you here
How I'm gonna make it see,
That I'll never run away

It would make me feel so good
Knowing that you really understood
You ain't just a friend of mine
I'm gonna be there whether rain or shine
If you only knew how much
I would miss you if you out of touch
You are such a part of me and that's how it's gonna stay

Don't matter how much time goes by or what goes on
When it comes to me and you
We've got something so strong
You are my light, and you know

Never gonna, never gonna
No I'm never gonna run awayrun away

And I feel like I've been blessed
Since you came along my whole world has grown
Cause for me your happiness
Is the only thing that I'm wishing for
So if you ever feel the need
Just remember you can turn to me
We've been through so much
But you know I'm here to stay

Ref.: (Repeat)

I ain't never gonna, ain't gonna run away
No I'm never gonna run away (Repeat)

You're my heart, and my light
I ain't never gonna run away
No matter what we go through
I will always be there for you (Repeat)
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Roachford - Run Away
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