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Problem melden

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We reminisce about the past, how everything has changed.
The time it travels the speed of light, it leaves the me so deranged.
So much so soon is done, we lead a life that twice our age,
The race of rodents on their feet across the global stage.

So you gotta go fast...

You're leaving me tomorrow first said you loved me yesterday,
I guess its common law within the citys lightning way.
My logics pretzeled to a twist, my logics gone astray,
So old i feel, its too for real the price for life we pay.

And you gotta go fast...
Faster faster faster faster

Too quick to think too soon to know, too G-Forced of a pace,
The speeded marathon we run, AKA human race,
One dy the big one finish line, will before we leave,
The birds won't fly the flowers die, and soon you will believe,
That were going too fast!
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Vor 2 Tagen
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor
Vor 2 Tagen
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor

Album All by Myself (1982)

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