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I broke your back, so I'll break mine twice the same.
Ended up in some back room, where no one knew my name.
I drifted and I drifted, and ended up in Spokane
In a one room place above a bar, called The Grand.

I never called my parents,
I called my brother drunk too many times
Until he finally wouldn't answer his phone
Worried and uncertain I ran myself down
I ended up selling most of my things
I drifted and i drifted ended up in Wyoming
I got so broke I sold my car

I broke your back so I'll break mine 50 times the same
I hope your holding up alright you've forgotten my name
From Walla Walla to Stockton, from Yuma to Bullhead City
I get by alright

But I will cut every tie that gets close to me
I'll pay for my mistakes I'll pay for them you'll see
The only back I'll break is mine a hundred ways and a hundred times
For all the nights i was drunk and left you
Stranded and Capsized
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Album Thirteen Cities (2007)

Richmond Fontaine
  1. 1.
    Intro/The Border
  2. 2.
    Moving Back Home #2
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    $87 and a Guilty Conscience That Gets Worse the Longer I Go
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    I Fell Into Painting Houses in Phoenix, Arizona
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    El Tiradito
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    A Ghost I Became
  7. 7.
    Westward Ho
  8. 8.
    St Ides, Parked Cars, And Other People's Homes
  9. 9.
    The Kid From Belmont St
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
    Ballad of Dan Fanta
  12. 12.
    The Disappearance of Ray Norton
  13. 13.
    Four Walls
  14. 14.
    Lost in this World
Richmond Fontaine - Capsized
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