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Knock Knock Knock Songtext

When you told me I should pick you up
Baby you never really told me what was up
You say that I should hurry cause you waiting round the front
Never would have thought that you would pull that kind of stunt
Girl you grab me by the hands let me inside
I was so surprise, thought that we was going for a ride
It's obvious you've got another plan
And I was getting ready thinking I'm a lucky man
But just as we touched and we getting down to business
I could fee your passion breathing in my ear
Its got to be a dream cause I don't know where

I heard knock knock knocking on the door
He said let me in, I'm coming in to settle that score
Hurry up before I kick it in
I know that there is somebody in there with you I need to confront him
Knock knock knocking on the door
And I said who is that
I'm not in the mood to stay and chat
Show me the window to the back
Girl you caught me in a trap and I don't need no confrontation

Girl you never said you got a man
So who the hell is out there making all these threats and evil plans
Now I've got to take the window and the fence
When I'm not even sure if I'm surrounded by his friends
Girl on second thought I think I better hide
Maybe safer inside, I'm just gonna swallow my pride
Be quiet and just hope him go away
I'm not gonna try and play no hero here today
Right now I wish that this ground would open
And just take me here and now
I'm going crazy every time I hear


How could you pull a stunt like this
When you know your man is jealous
And he's dangerous, yeah
Tell me why me
Is this your little game
Is this your fantasy
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Richie Stephens - Knock Knock Knock
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