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That's What I Believe Songtext

There's always one of the girls that all the guys dream about
And you hold her in your heart imagining how you'll work it out
So you meet her every place you can devise
'cause from the start you knew the one she wants is you

I know it's right when it comes as easy as apple pie
When you just can't do it wrong she's going for everything you try
If she chose you over all those other guys
It must be luck or simply fate but it's sure worth the wait

That's the way i feel about it
And there's no one who should ever doubt it
You can't stop a star when love is on the rise that's what i believe
Love could be around the corner
All you've got to do is dream and never compromise that's what i believe

I found the world in my arms the moment i lost my heart
And the bond is much too strong for anyone else to put apart
So i cherish every moment that she's near
You see the best things in your lives if you just close your eyes

And she's maybe out there waiting just like you
'cause at the strangest time and place you'll find you're face to face
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Richard Carpenter - That's What I Believe
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