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Higher Faith Songtext

I search the diamond sky
I raise my voice and cry
Seeking for answers why
And a way to cope

The questions multiply
As silence testifies
And doubt comes to imply
There is no hope

But deeper in me still
There is a stronger will
When I've done all I can
I will stand (with a)

Higher faith
Trusting in a sovereign Lord above
Who is good and is just
A higher faith
Like a river runnin? deep in me
Carries my upon the sea of grace
Into a higher faith

Miracles are mysteries
But they speak so clear to me
Of life's uncertainty (I want to know)

The blessings we embrace
In this life are just a taste
Of a heaven that awaits (I want to go)

This journey is a trial
A heartache for awhile
But when it all comes down
I want to be found (with a )

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Rhonda Gunn - Higher Faith
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