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Tonight Songtext
von Return

I'm in town girl for just one night
You so fine girl you're just my type
You just might make me miss my flight
Lemme lay your body down, tonight
We gone spend time, you name your price
I don't trick, but for you I might
Tryna get deep girl, don't make me fight
Lemme lay your body down, tonight

[Verse 1]
Open up ya eyes and ya see quite clear
No mo crying, no mo tears, cause ya champion is here
I'm the superman you seek, I sweep ya off of ya feet
From the moment our eyes meet, girl you in for a treat
The attraction is so unique, the conversation is sweet
Love making under the sheets, It'll make the misson complete
Your body language is loud, girl you speaking it well
But baby I do the fool, put you under my spell
I'm suave and debonair, You sexy wit long hair
This chemistry's so rare, just kick back and chill
Let the moment take control, Your pot of gold is my goal
But baby let's take it slow, lemme show ya im real
If them looks could kill, ya be wanted in every state
Ya body shape is great, Collaboratin is fate
When you open up the gates, be ready to love make
I'm ready to back break, girl you wet as a lake
I can't wait


[Verse 2]
Go on and let ya hair down, you in the mist of a player
I'm the answer to ya prayers, we make a perfect pair
I handle with great care, I'm packing girl beware
Go one come back to my lair, and I'll make you believe
Some slow jams and candle light, make the mood right
I do it just like ya like it, sweat ya out of ya weave
From the second you arrive, to the moment you leave
I'll have you huffin and puffin, but please don't forget to breathe
Ain't no tricks up my sleeve, but I know you still debatin
But baby no more waitin, It's time for Mr. Slayton
Them otha clowns been fakin, but I'm here for the takin
No worries of baby makin, Cause I pack a Gary Payton
Me and you layin naked, in them birthday suits
Is a result of body rockin, baby knockin them boots
Now you know you lookin cute, but it's time to decide
All playing games aside
You gone ride baby


Get closer baby, tonight I'll give you what you need
From the moment that our eyes met, I knew that you're the one for me
I knew that we had chemistry
So tell me what it do tonight, I tryna leave wit you tonight
Cause your looking so nice

[Verse 3]
A bowl of strawberries, and some moet rose
Some ya sweet talkin in ya ear, make ya come out them clothes
When the moon light reflect off the sweat of skin, Imma demonstrate, what seperate the boys from the men
Lemme swim inside ya ocean, ya body is smooth as lotion
Let's get full of that potion, and leave ya the broken
Baby it ain't no jokin, when I tell ya it's real
So baby tell me how ya feel, whats the deal baby

[Talking & Chorus]
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